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Image by Sven Mieke

After teaching middle school for 14 years, I decided to explore my passion of health and wellness on a deeper level. I have always been active in sports and fitness, however, following my second pregnancy, I continued to explore the fitness world and started crossfit. I really enjoyed the community and variation of movements. I eventually became certified as a CrossFit L1 coach and began training athletes and coaching classes at a local Crossfit gym. In continuing my journey, in 2017, my husband and I converted our barn into a gym, “The Barn Fitness, LLC.” It was then I began programming for our group classes, tailoring movements to our athletes’ individual needs and abilities. Additionally, in 2022 I began working alongside an amazing group of women at Schulte Wellness as the fitness coach. This opportunity has allowed me to meet so many wonderful new people and has helped me grow and learn- personally and professionally. Finally, the second piece to the puzzle- nutrition. Over the years, I studied, coached (and have been coached) on calories, macro and micronutrients and the science of fueling your body while tailoring your nutrition towards your individual needs and  goals.

On a personal note, I live in Sidney, Ohio (just north of Dayton) with my husband and two daughters. I have been married to my husband, Chanse, who I met in 8th grade geography class, for 17 years. Chanse definitely created my love for fitness as he was always in the gym for football, so I started out learning from him and my passion just continued.  We have two daughters, Khloe and Konley. Khloe is 15 and a freshman in high school. Konley is 10 and in the 5th grade. Khloe was around the right age to watch when I started Crossfit, so she has  grown up working out and it has definitely transferred over to her soccer and track performance. Konley was just a baby, so she didn’t have quite the same experience, now she enjoys playing with her cousins when we work out.



Personal training is done in Katie and Chanse's gym, The Barn Fitness, LLC. These are private sessions lasting 45-60 minutes. These sessions are based around your individual goals and needs. Options with personal training can also be to eventually transition over to the small group classes if interested. 



Small group classes are held in Katie and Chanse's gym, The Barn Fitness, LLC. These classes usually last about an hour and consist of a warm up, some sort of strength or isolation exercise and then a circuit or HIIT style workout.

            COOK WITH KATIE


Nutrition is paramount to health and wellness. You are not going to get the body (or health) you want just by going to the gym. Cook with Katie will help you learn the essentials of healthy eating without restricting yourself. Learn about portion sizes, balancing proteins and calories and being able to enjoy food while using it to fuel and nourish your body. 

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